I was born In Pikeville, TN in the middle of the 10,000 acre Bledsoe State Forest.

I now am working for the Chattanooga Police Department. I had worked as paralegal and work in in Chattanooga Tennessee for almost 30 years.

I started working for my Dad when I was very young to make some money. I have not stopped working since.

 I started working as a waitress at Fall Creek Falls State Park in 1976.  I went to college at Chattanooga State while I was still working at the park. I was having to drive 65 miles one way a day so I told my parents I was going to move to Chattanooga and stay with my sister and her husband while I finished school.   After graduation I got a job in 1985 working for Leitner, Warner, Williams, Dooley,  and Carpenter . 

Then I went to work for David P. Hawley in 1986 and continued to work there for him as a paralegal until January 2016.

I live in Red Bank, Tennessee now with my husband Scott. I quilt in my spare time. I have made over 100 handmade quilts but only have photos of a few. I wish I had made photos of all of them!

I also love to camp, hike, ride bikes and go bowling.

The update below was written in August 2014 by Scott Martin.


Ronda found out early this year she had breast cancer. This was not something  we wanted to hear but it is a fact.

She had to have surgery twice, has now finished Chemo and has finished with the radiation treatments. The same week she finished the radiation my mother passed away. In August 2015 Ronda's dad passed away.

I urge all women to have a yearly mammogram, it very well could save your life.

This has slowed Ronda down but not stopped her from quilting. 

Ronda has continued to work and through the grace of God only missed a little less than a month after the surgeries and the days of Chemo treatments and one other day. 

With Gods help she will keep on quilting for a long time.

Ronda has one quilt she has for sale to try help offset the medical bills.

If you would like to know more please email her directly.

Thank you Jesus!

Scott and Ronda Martin


What I am working on now?

Update: February 20, 2017

Making new quilts for some family and friends.